Commercial Audition Classes
Class Details
Cost: $400.00
14120 Magnolia Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA  91423
(cross street is Hazeltine, free parking in back.)

Class is 2 nights a week for 4 weeks.

To reserve your space:
or Call 213-618-8135

Reserving your space requires a $50.00 deposit


I have worked with dozens of Commercial
Casting Directors:

Mark Randall, Ava Schevitt, Beth Holmes, ASG,
Kathy Knowles, Mick Dowd, Francine Selkirk,
Danielle Eskinazi, Lisa Fields, Danny Goldman,
Mariko Ballentine, popcasting, Lisa Pantone ....

I have booked over 200 commercials in my career, and have taught this commercial class in Hollywood since 2000.

I know what I’m doing AND how to teach it.

The class is 8 nights long, two nights a week.

    Limited class size (14 students maximum).

Everyone works on camera 7 out of the 8 classes.

Class covers everything from what happens
BEFORE you walk into an audition, to what happens
AFTER you leave the call back.

Different ways to join the unions.


One night devoted to IMPROV.

Handling Labels

Eating and Drinking on camera.

How to make a Cue Card serve you.

Spokesperson copy.

What the comedy pros do that actors never think of.

Multi-Person copy.

Non-Verbal and Movement; auditions

The cost: $400.00




plus one night with Casting Director


“Thank you for giving me the building blocks to book Jack in the Box and Target in 6 weeks! Feels really great!!!”

– John Sessa

"I didn't book a single commercial my first year in LA – until I studied with Jordana Capra. Now, I can book 1 to 2 commercials a month. Taking her class has been essential to my having a successful commercial acting career! Jordana is a FANTASTIC teacher who is directly responsible for all of the commercials I've booked."

– Etirsa Coons

“Your class is awesome! All those tips you gave us helped me land a call back at my first audition, and land a booking after my first call back!  So thanks again and don't stop teaching!”

– Paul Bouyear

“I booked a Lyrica commercial today and this on the heels of a Joe Pytka Hallmark spot. The skills I learned in your class gave me the tools to succeed in the audition process.”

– Carolyn Chriss

“I booked a McDonald’s job!!!! Thank you so much for being a great teacher, and believer. You really helped me change my perspective towards the work, and the best gift you gave me is a sense of empowerment as an actor, not just with commercials but the life itself.
You are the best.”

– Steve Whelan

During the span of Jordana Capra's 25 years in The Entertainment Industry she has worn many hats - Professional Actress; House M.D., Desperate Housewives, E.R. (partial list of T.V credits), Backstage Commercial Columnist, Session Director for the Top Commercial Casting Directors in L.A, and now Teacher. 

Jordana is excited to share all the experience she's gained from shooting over 200 commercials while working with Industry Icons such as Brad Pitt, Brittany Spears, and Shaquille O'Neal through her new "Learn To Book Commercials with Jordana Capra Class".

Jordana  brings a sharp eye, the practical tried and true techniques of a seasoned pro and an Insider's Insight gained from working behind the scenes, running casting sessions with busy Commercial Casting Directors such as  Kathy Knowles, Mark Randall, Ava Schevitt, Beth Holmes, Mick Dowd, Francine Selkirk, ASG Casting, Danielle Eskinazi, Lisa Fields, Danny Goldman, Mariko Ballentine, Judy Landau, Lisa Pantone...  just to name a few

While juggling her busy Acting Career and Teaching Schedule Jordana is also a proud founding member of CIRCLE OF HOPE, INC, a non profit that assists both men and women who are confronting Breast Cancer in the Santa Clarita suburb of Los Angeles.

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Jordana Capra

Jordana Capra

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Jordana Capra

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